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Entry-Level Warfare Manual

This manual is for the believer that is being introduced to spiritual warfare.  It explores the spiritual armor that every believer must wear.  It also deals with warfare preparations and guidelines for spiritual engagement.  With this weapon you are sure to do damage to Satan's kingdom!

Price - $24.75

Mid-Level Warfare Manual

This informational tool deals with dimensions, principalities, and powers.  It effectively informs the believer how to pull down strongholds and tread down serpents.  It is for experienced intercessors.

Price - $24.75

Advanced-Level Warfare Manual

Advanced-Level is for the elite warriors.  It provokes the elite to be trained to pick up on the enemy at the drop of a dime.  It calls for heightened discernment and sharpened spiritual senses.

Price - $24.75


Strateia—The Apostolic Career

Are you an apostolic leader that has been encountering hardship?  You know that God has given you a mandate but every time you move forward into it things seem to get worse.  Strateia is where we get our English word "strategy."  Allow God to reveal to you the divine strategy so that you can walk into your apostolic career.

Price - $12.00

The Power of Deception

This powerful book uncovers the spirit of deception in the lives of the believers, and in the church.  The enemy knows that what you don't know will hurt you.  Understand the power of the deception and shut down the deceiver.

Price - $12.00

Seasons of Assault

Learn to discern the patterns and cycles when the enemy uses to assault you.  Never allow the enemy to catch you off guard again.  Defeat the devil before he even attacks.

Price - $12.00

The Power to Command

God has placed a divine weapon within your mouth.  Realize your level of commanding authority and speak life.

Price - $12.00



World Wide Warfare Conference 2007
DVD Set - $99.00

World Wide Warfare Conference 2007
CD Set - $79.00

Witchcraft Uncovered

This is a must have CD that uncovers sorcery in the church.  Are you confusing witchcraft with the prophetic?  Don't be confused!  This message will open your eyes to see the enemy for who he really is.

Price - 11.25

Prevailing Power

Jacob was endowed to have power with God and with man and so can you.  Walk in your kingdom authority.  Don't live another day as a defeated Christian.  God has given you prevailing power.

Price - 11.25

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World Wide Warfare Conference 2007

The Apostle's Son

Prophet Joshua Giles is a young man that has a strong passion after God.  He operates in a 3rd-day anointing, reaching both the young and the old generations.  As a psalmist he works closely with his 3 brothers edifying the Body of Christ through apostolic and prophetic music.  He has been equipped to charge any atmosphere to manifest a move of God.  Prophet Joshua is also an author that pens knowledge and instruction beyond his years.  He has been in training since his birth and is a lethal demon slayer! 

Ignited and Fired Up!
This is a must read for youth. Understand your God-given purpose. You will learn to know God in ways that you have never known him before. Allow the Holy Spirit to burn his flame through you. Get ignited and on fire for Christ!

Price - $12.00

War In The Gates
Do you feel like you can't go forward, but you know you can't go backwards? Is it hard for you to transition to your next place in God? If so this book is for you. Gates represent new levels and dimensions. Find out how to War In The Gates so you can progress in God.

Price - $12.00



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